Baba Saab Event Co. is a well known name in corporate sector for organizing dealers meet always in different pattern and ideas, keeping in view complete information of product and entertainment of all invitee guests (dealers).

In dealers meet Company presentation Company / Marketing / Sales Head discuss with dealers on the topic:-

  • Increase of sales.
  • Promotions of product.
  • Advantages of that particular product.
  • Giving vote of thanks to Dealers effort to make that brand / product as super brand.
  • Marketing strategy.
  • Upcoming products of that particular brand

In company presentation marketing department or sales department try to convince own dealer about their product or brands, how that product is better than other available product in the market, number of sales will be automatically increase when their distributor & dealer will be aware with advantages of that particular product in which they deals.

For Dealers Meet ARMAANS EVENT undertake

  • Venue management
  • Venue Decoration and Fabrication
  • Venue Branding
  • Guest management
  • Boarding, Lodging with Local Transportation
  • Company Presentation
  • Audio Visuals
  • Foods and services
  • Entertainment Shows: Stage, lights, sound, AV, Dancers, Singer, Item Performer, celebrity artist
  • Award and rewards to the dealers for their efforts